hygiene concept

Hygiene concept & admission regulations
Prior accreditation is required to gain access to the event.
Children from 6 years of age require accreditation.
Admission to the event is from 6.30 p.m. on 31.12.2021 via Ebertstraße Nord / corner of Scheidemannstraße.
Access to the event is only possible with 2G+ proof.
2G+ means: digitally readable proof “vaccinated or recovered” in combination with a daily updated test and identity matching.

– Vaccinated:
o Fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by a vaccine approved by the European Union.
o Proof with one of the following documents:
·                Original vaccination card incl. official QR code.
·                Digital proof of vaccination in the CovPass app or in the Corona alert app.
– Recovered:
o Proof of status with a corresponding positive PCR test result (the test is a maximum of six months, but at least 28 days old).
o Alternatively, a positive PCR test result older than six months can be recognised if a first (partial) vaccination against Covid-19 has taken place.
o Proof of status with a corresponding PCR test result (positive test result more than six months ago) as well as the certificate of (partial) vaccination (original vaccination certificate, digital proof of vaccination in the CovPass app or in the Corona Warning app).

– Tested:
o Presentation of a negative PoC antigen test result that is not older than 24 hours at the time of entering the premises.
o Digital proof of test with official QR code.

Access to the event is not possible without the following documents:
1. Accreditation
2. Digitally recordable 2G proof
3. Daily test
4. ID card, identity card
Checking into the Luca App or Corona Warn App for contact tracking capability is mandatory.
AHA rules apply on the event site (distance – hygiene – mask obligation outside the fixed place).

Masks are compulsory outside the allocated space:
– FFP2 masks without an outlet valve, medical masks (surgical masks) or comparable respirators are permitted.
– Everyday masks, scarves, and loops as well as hand-held textiles will not be accepted.
You will not be able to participate in the event if you have
– have deliberately had contact with infected persons in the last few days,
– are under official quarantine orders (travel returnees, acute infection),
– are experiencing symptoms typical of corona, in particular fever, dry cough, general malaise.

Bags are only permitted on the premises up to a size of approximately 30 x 20 cm (A4).
Please be advised that access with a bag larger than A4 is not possible.
There is no storage facility for larger bags.