§ 1       Applicability of these house rules
The house rules are valid for the event “Celebrate at the gate” (Welcome 2022) including areas in the immediate vicinity of the event area.
§          2 Domiciliary rights
(1)       Domiciliary rights are reserved for the event organiser (sib Silvester in Berlin Veranstaltungen GmbH).
(2)       On behalf of the organiser, the security and public order service employed by the organiser is entitled to exercise and enforce domiciliary rights. In particular, it is entitled to carry out checks pursuant to these house rules or to enforce the expulsion and removal from the event area in accordance with these house rules or the statutory regulations.
§ 3       Admission of the visitor
(1)       Only persons who enter the event area for the purpose of visiting or for the purpose of participation (collaboration, artistic participation, etc.) shall be admitted.
(2)       If there is an admission requirement for the event (e.g., admission ticket), admission will only be granted on presentation of a valid original admission ticket. Upon admission, the admission tickets are validated.
(3)       The visitor accepts that his clothing and any bags, objects, materials, substances, and containers he brings with him may be checked for security reasons and to ensure compliance with these house rules.
The visitor accepts control measures insofar as these are necessary in the course of hygiene measures, in particular due to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic.
(4)       The measures are based on the organiser’s hygiene concept, compliance with which is a condition for admission. The hygiene concept will be continuously adapted to the development of the infection situation and can be viewed online at
(5)       Bags, rucksacks, and similar items may not exceed the size of DIN A4. Please note that the organiser does not have any storage facilities for oversized bags, etc.
(6)       Admission may be refused if
a)         the visitor does not possess a valid admission ticket, but such a ticket is necessary for the event to be attended,
b)         the visitor refuses to present identification papers in the event of an age check,
c)         the visitor refuses to allow his/her clothing, utensils, or containers to be checked,
d)         the visitor is obviously under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances,
e)         the visitor performs acts that violate the house rules,
f)          the visitor does not fulfil the conditions imposed on him or her by the hygiene concept in force at the time of admission.
In the cases of letters a) to e), the visitor is not entitled to any claims against the organiser.
§ 4       Visitor’s stay on the event premises
(1)       Where an admission ticket is required as an access authorisation, the visitor must carry the admission ticket with him/her after admission and present it or an otherwise issued access authorisation on request at any time. Other persons entitled to admission have to carry their admission ticket with them and show it on request at any time.
(2)       Visitors are expected to behave in such a way that the Organiser, other visitors and third parties are not harmed, endangered, or inconvenienced.
(3)       The instructions of the organiser and of the security and public order service are to be adhered to at all times.
(4)       It is prohibited to obstruct, block, cover or otherwise interfere with or misuse fire protection facilities and safety equipment, even temporarily.
(5)       No person within the event premises may,
a) disturb the course of the event or incite others to do so,
b) disregard or incite others to disregard measures resulting from the hygiene concept for the event,
c) commit or assist or instigate criminal, disorderly, or generally disapproved acts or acts which are contrary to the peaceful purpose of the event,
d) endanger other visitors (e.g., by “crowd surfing”, “circle of death”, “pogo dancing” or similar),
e) light fires, fireworks, or pyrotechnic objects,
f) smear, damage or remove installations and equipment, trees, etc,
g) circumvent barriers, or enter or assist in areas recognisably not accessible to visitors,
h) contaminate the event area,
i) defecate outside the toilet facilities,
j) collect deposits from the organiser / catering partners or deposit containers,
k) carry out advertising of any kind or distribute flyers or other materials, except with the express prior written permission of the organiser,
l) distribute or sell unauthorised drinks, food, souvenirs, clothing, promotional items, fan merchandise and/or other goods and items,
m) make sound, photo, film, and video recordings for commercial and/or industrial use,
n) express or spread inhuman, racist, xenophobic, politically extremist, obscenely offensive or insulting, left-wing or right-wing radical or other radical slogans or incite to do so,
o) act or incite to act in a left-wing or right-wing or other extremist manner, especially displaying and using national socialist slogans (section 86a of the Criminal Code),
p) engage in or incite conduct which relates to political events in Germany and/or abroad and/or thereby discusses and/or expresses opinions which are incompatible with basic democratic values and/or the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and/or which have a negative effect on the peaceful coexistence of people in Germany,
q) prepare, instigate, or assist in acts which violate these House Rules or are otherwise unlawful; and
r) carry, distribute, or assist others in carrying prohibited objects as defined in § 5.
(6)       In the event of a violation, the organiser may expel the person concerned from the event. The visitor shall not be entitled to re-admission in this case. The organiser’s right to claim damages remains unaffected.
(7)       Any infringement may result in both civil and criminal action.
§ 5       Prohibited objects, substances, and materials
(1) It is forbidden for any person to bring, carry and/or use the following items into/at the venue:
(a) Weapons of any kind (exception: police officers on duty or previously approved personal protection),
b) Objects that may serve a similar purpose to a weapon or dangerous projectile and are not obviously used for another, peaceful purpose,
(c) Pocket knives, scissors, tools, and similar objects,
d) Drugs, narcotics, knock-out drops and legal highs, insofar as a medical document does not unequivocally confirm the necessity of taking and using them,
e) Irritant gas, pepper spray, animal repellent spray and similar items,
f) Laser pointers,
g) Corrosive or highly flammable substances (exception: lighters, perfumed sprays or disinfectants, deodorants in small packages for normal personal use),
h) Fireworks, pyrotechnic material, flares, smoke candles, Bengal fires, ammunition, or other pyrotechnic effects; sparklers, glow sticks, etc. are allowed.
i) Selfie sticks, poles or sticks, insofar as these are not necessary in the case of impaired mobility; umbrellas are permitted,
j) Bulky objects, unless expressly authorised by the organiser,
k) Individual or uniform clothing or other objects which are intended to make statements, the contents of which are prohibited in whole or in part in accordance with § 4 paragraph 5 letters o), p) and q),
l) individual or uniform clothing or other objects which are intended for advertising purposes, insofar as not previously expressly authorised by the organiser (in this case, the advertiser must submit the organiser’s written consent),
m) Advertising material of any kind, in particular flyers, insofar as not previously expressly authorised by the organiser (in this case, the advertiser must submit the organiser’s written consent),
n) Political or religious objects, materials, or carriers to be used commercially (the latter unless they are typical items of clothing of the respective religion) of any kind. This includes banners, signs, logos, signets, symbols, and flyers,
o) Racist, xenophobic, left-wing, and right-wing propaganda material, especially that of/for unconstitutionally declared or otherwise banned parties or associations,
p) Clothing, advertising material, logos, symbols, signets, or other carriers of images, sounds or texts which are related to political events in Germany and/or abroad and/or thereby discuss and/or express opinions which are or are intended to be incompatible with basic democratic values and/or the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and/or have a negative effect on the peaceful coexistence of people in Germany,
q) Masks (e.g., balaclavas), insofar as the general impression of the person does not show beyond doubt that they are merely used as warm clothing,
r) Electrical or other devices capable of emitting sound, noise, music, or odour beyond normal use (e.g., a mobile phone would be permitted),
s) Film cameras and video equipment beyond the usual mobile phone cameras or small hand-held cameras,
t) Drinks and food of any kind, insofar as the visitor is not dependent on them for health or medical reasons; the visitor has to provide evidence of the exception; small containers such as Capri Sun and chocolate bars are exempt from the ban,
u) Bottles, cans, plastic canisters and/or other drinking containers,
v) Drones, kites, and other unmanned aerial vehicles,
w) Chairs, seating furniture and seating (e.g., polystyrene cubes), insofar as these are not medically indicated aids whose use is required on the event site,
x) Confetti,
y) Animals of any kind and size, unless they are guide dogs or assistance dogs, whose presence is required on the event premises, as well as
z) Other objects or materials which are suitable and/or normally intended to disturb the orderly and peaceful conduct of the event, to injure persons or to cause damage.
Please contact the organiser in advance or at the entrance for information on permitted items.
(2)       The organiser reserves the right to exclude individual objects on site for safety reasons.

§ 6       Recordings
During the event, the organiser will take photos and videos of the event and visitors. We refer to the data protection information with regard to photo and vid